Labour Shortage! What can we do?

22 August 2021 22 Aug 2021 1 min 4 sec
Labour shortage... what can we do?

The Australian Bureau of statistics is reporting that 1 on 4 businesses are struggling to find suitable staff.

  • One in four Australian businesses say they’re struggling to find suitable staff to fill job vacancies, according to newly-released ABS data.
  • The survey of business conditions points to increased wage pressures that could lead to faster growth than that projected by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).
  • The central bank is forecasting wages growth to be 2% by June 2022, but Commonwealth Bank economists suggest it could hit 2.7% by the end of next year.

So less options for suitable employees and higher wages Australian businesses.

Ecoplant has relied on many avenues to keep our skilled pool of workers at the appropriate level for our customers. We are adapting to these new conditions by increasing our spend to reach more possible workers, increasing digital exposure and throwing a wider net so we can service our customers needs.

What does this mean for our customers?
So we can resource your project appropriately we need a longer timeline than usual.

Call your sales representative to discuss upcoming projects in your pipeline TODAY!!

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